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Access Football Club is founded by a team of passionate professionals currently working in the field of education. We have lived all our lives in Rexdale and have been lucky enough to teach and coach at the school we attended in the heart of our community.  Along with our nephews, we created this not-for-profit organization to make soccer more inclusive for boys in Rexdale, with specific emphasis on Black and Middle Eastern youth who make up a significant portion of the population and who in our experiences as coaches have been disproportionately marginalized by the pay-to-play model of recreational sports.  We are also dedicated to developing leadership opportunities.  Through our experiences teaching the Leadership and Peer Support Class, moderating school Leadership teams and Student Councils, we have seen a dramatic decrease in male enrolment in these groups.  We will create an environment where advocacy and pride in our community leads to increased leadership involvement on the school level.

In 2016 we also created Get ’em in Gear, a charitable initiative which provided young soccer players around the world with a full kit consisting of a jersey, shorts, socks and boots. With the help of the soccer community throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we have been able to send kits and balls to thousands of young players who would not be able to afford them otherwise, reaching various locations including Attawapiskat, Ontario, Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania. 

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